Thursday, April 24, 2008

Regular Meeting
NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency), Pacific Marine Center on Lake Union
1801 Fairview Avenue East
Thursday, April 24, 2008


Pike Place Market Levy and Campaign Finance Reform

The April Federation meeting will feature speakers on both the proposed Pike Place Market Levy and proposals to implement the local option for public funding of local elections approved by the state Legislature in the 2008 legislative session.

Market Levy: You’ve read that the Mayor has proposed a six-year, $75 million levy for improvements to the Pike Place Market for the November 2008 ballot. Learn about the needs of the Market and different perspectives. The levy as proposed by the Mayor would cost the median Seattle homeowner $37 per year from 2009 through 2014 (based on a $420,000 home). The levy proposal would include:
• $68.6 million for major repair, structural, and infrastructure and accessibility upgrades to all Public Development Authority (PDA)-owned Market buildings, as well as associated tenant space alteration costs.
• $2 million for capital improvements to Victor Steinbrueck Park to make it a more lively and attractive park that can be a great gathering place and an asset to the Market and neighborhood.
• $4.4 million in estimated financing costs.

Local Option for Public Campaign Financing: In the 2008 legislative session, the Legislature approved a bill ending a 16-year state ban and once again allowed local jurisdictions to create programs that offer public funds for local political campaigns—legislation supported by the Federation. What is the appropriate approach to implementing legislation at the local level in Seattle? Learn from representatives from Washington Public Campaigns about their work to level the playing field in political campaigns.

7:00 Call to Order and Introductions
1. Changes to the agenda
2. Treasurer’s report
3. President’s report

7:15 The Pike Street Market Levy—The Needs of the Market

7:45 Campaign Finance Reform at the Local Level—The Options

8:15 Round Robin—Bring Your Issues!

9:00 Adjourn

NOAA is a federal facility on high security alert, so attendees must enter by the security gate and may need to present photo ID. If you haven't attended a recent Federation meeting, please send your name, contact information, and address to to be added to the entry list. No e-mail? Call 206-365-1267. The building is ADA compliant, with ample parking in front.