Monday, July 18, 2011

REMINDER - Annual Federation Potluck ‑ Sunday, July 31, 2-5 p.m. at the home of Jeannie Hale, 3425 W Laurelhurst Dr NE, 98105

Annual Federation Potluck

Sunday, July 31, 2-5 p.m.
at the home of Jeannie Hale,
3425 W Laurelhurst Dr NE, 98105, 206-525-5135

The Seattle Community Council Federation invites you to kick back at its annual summer potluck, the singular gem of our yearly events.  Enjoy lively conversation with community leaders in a garden setting.  Do you know where things are with the Roosevelt-Ravenna Zoning Issues?  How about our new and wonderful meeting place at the Central Area Senior Center? These are just a couple of things that will likely surface.  Since it’s election season expect to see a few hopefuls.

This year we’ll also celebrate the recent Birthday of our sisterish organization, the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition, a salon discussion group that has met each and every second Saturday for 28 years to meet and greet local notables, usually from Seattle, often King County, and occasionally Olympia and other outliers. SNC guest speakers compete for an agenda spot because they know that they’ll be talking with unusually well-informed and well-intentioned citizens who have a common goal of making Seattle a better place to live, and led by the ineffable and unflappable Kent Kammerer, have used their institutional memory and collective wisdom to accomplish significant ends.

Wear flip-flops or sandals so you can dip your toes in the warm pool, or even go for a swim if you’re inclined.  Everyone is welcome, including those kids who can take adults seriously around pools.

Please bring a salad, main dish, appetizer or fruit plate to share.  Wine, beer and soft drinks are provided.

If you wish to be able to more completely comprehend some of the issues under discussion it’s recommended that you read at least one book by New Urbanite pioneer Jane Jacobs, and watch at least one complete season of The Wire.

Directions:  There are dozens of ways to get to the potluck.
HERE’S A MAP   or here are two options:

From the south:  Go northbound on I-5.  Take the SR 520 exit that goes to the Bellevue and the University District.  Be sure to exit at Montlake.  At the end of the exit, turn left.  Then drive along Montlake Boulevard past Husky Stadium.  The road curves around and then passes University Village.  See other directions below.

From the north:  Go southbound on I-5.  Take the NE 50th exit (as the NE 45th Street Viaduct is closed).  Go down NE 50th until about 19th and then winding around to eventually get down to the back side of University Village.  You’ll eventually get to Five Corners (the intersection of NE 45th, Blakely, Mary Gates, etc.).

From Five Corners (the intersection of Blakeley, Mary Gates, NE 45th, 35th, etc.):  This is where there is a Tully's on one corner, Baskin Robbins on another, UW student housing on another and a field on another). I live a little over half a mile from the corner of Mary Gates as follows:

Take the Mary Gates entrance into Laurelhurst (at Five Corners) and take the next three RIGHT turns onto every city street you come to, except the last one. What you'll be doing is going in a semicircle around the lake’s Union Bay, as follows:
·         Go along Mary Gates, past the Center for Urban Horticulture and turn RIGHT onto Surber (you'll see a pedestrian refuge island here and the Battelle property on your left);
·         Go to the end of Surber and turn RIGHT at the T onto 42nd and go a couple of blocks;
·         At the lopsided Y, turn RIGHT onto 43rd and go half a block;
·         Turn LEFT onto NE 35th; you'll see a vacant lot on your right and the lake;
·         Go up the steep one-block hill and I live in the house at the top of the one-block hill behind the high hedge on the right hand side.  Parking is scarce so you might have to park a ways away, but it’s well worth it. 

Jeannie Hale