Monday, January 21, 2013


Monthly Meeting –Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013, 7 p.m.
Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Avenue South  98144
[This beautiful facility with free parking and a grand view of Lake Washington is just three blocks east of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. and one block south of S. Jackson Street]


featuring Beth Flynn, Executive Director of  Washington CeaseFire

Recent mass killings are only a fraction of gun deaths.   In Washington state alone, nearly 6,000 people have been killed by guns in the past decade--more than died in traffic accidents.  On Jan. 16, President Obama unveiled legislative proposals to reduce gun violence, and took many administrative actions toward that end. 

Washington CeaseFire ( is proposing measures to reduce gun violence at the state and local level.  Other states have closed the gun-show loophole, banned the sale of military-style assault weapons, limited handgun sales to one per month, carefully regulated concealed weapon permits, and banned open carrying of guns.  None of those policies apply in Washington state, which ranks among the most loosely regulated states in terms of guns, and has state laws that prevent local governments from addressing gun violence.

Join us at the Jan. 22 meeting in welcoming Beth Flynn, Executive Director of Washington CeaseFire, as we discuss what government and citizens can do to reduce gun violence.  Also included is our monthly Round Robin with the opportunity to share news about your neighborhood’s issues and projects.  If you have informational materials to distribute at the meeting, please bring them or e-mail electronic copies or links to

7:00     Introductions/Minutes /Treasurer’s Report / President’s Report
7:10     Gun violence:  What should government and citizens do to reduce it?
8:15     Round Robin of issues and projects in your neighborhood
8:45     Other business
9:00     Adjourn

SCCF ( is one of the nation’s oldest and most active coalitions of community associations.  It was founded in 1946 to facilitate resettlement of Seattle’s Japanese-American residents who had returned from wartime internment to reclaim their homes and businesses; and to help Black veterans coming back from the war.  Over the decades, SCCF has grown to cover the entire City.  Its monthly meetings are open to the public, and suggestions for agenda items are always welcome. Yearly dues for member groups are $50, and new groups are always welcome.  Individual donations are also welcome, and go very far, as SCCF is all-volunteer.  Please mail your check to SCCF, 2370 Yale Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102-3310.  For questions, contact treasurer Chris Leman at 206-322-5463 or