Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Annual Workshop
Brighton Apartment Penthouse
6727 Rainier Avenue South
Saturday, June 21, 2008, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.


A Dialogue With The Livable Seattle Movement,
Some Proposed Solutions To Make Seattle More Livable and Affordable

Last month's Federation dialogue with Councilmember Sally Clark, the Chair of the Planning and Land Use Committee, sparked a lively and informative exchange of ideas, and last Saturday's "Town Houses – Can the Patient be Saved?" forum sponsored by Sally, continued the conversation. An excellent report on that forum is posted on the West Seattle Blog.

The Federation Workshop will further continue the dialogue, however this meeting, unlike last Saturday's, will not be dominated by a majority of developers, consultants and City employees, but will be between neighborhood and community folks, including architects, land use planners, and others who have weighed the City's housing agenda, the current and proposed land use codes, lax or entirely missing code enforcement, "flexible" and porous code, "micropermitting" aka "piecemealing" and have found all to be wanting.

This will not be a gripe session, but will present some concepts that have yet to be grasped by some Councilmembers, much of our Department of Planning and Development and Mayor Nickels.

We hope to have representatives from neighborhoods all over the city who share the goal of correcting the current housing trends.

Visit the Livable Seattle Movement website, download the 3X Report, the Comment and the Citizen's Master Agenda. Bring them and your ideas, concerns and suggestions to this Workshop, and be prepared to make a real difference in your own community.

When you arrive at the Brighton turn left into the visitor's parking area. Someone will be in the lobby to admit you and direct you to the ADA compliant elevator.

Updates to this notice will be posted on the Federation website, http://www.seattlefederation.blogspot.com.

Questions, comments? Contact Rick Barrett, 206 365-1267, rickbarrett(AT) gmail.com

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