Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Multi Family Update (MFU) information.
Anna Nissen (n/n architect) archives and presents Livable Seattle Links, reports and appendix for download, discussion and distribution.
They can now all be found at

Final nissen/nissen architect Evaluate MFU Report now at Livable Seattle/Google This report is material a rational person would need to evaluate the tests Sally Clark has set up as noted (see previous message below)
I had to submit it as an individual because there was no time to reach agreement, let alone discuss it.

Right at the top—report and appendix Please note that citizens no longer have to make an appearance at City Hall or be a Comcast subscriber to know enough to input informed opinions. All that is really necessary is a page out of Bradburd's "rowing together"— let elected representatives know that citizens know and are widely sharing.

Begin previous message:

Councilmember Clark et al have called a special meeting for Sept 24th 4-6 PM on the Multifamily Update. Council chambers.

Three teams are to present tests of the proposed Update on sites that Clark selected after it was called to her attention that DPD had no such tests to offer.
Each team will have twenty minutes to explain a huge pile of required drawings. Greg Hill will be attempting that for Team 3.

Greg convened Team 3 composed of himself, myself, and Vlad Oustimovitch (West Seattle). Team 1 CORA, Team 2 Masterbuilders, or is it the reverse?

P.S. All of you: 1) trust me implicitly, or 2) have not the least interest, or 3) have not the foggiest idea what I am up to (normally the case) When you don't respond I assume you would trust me if I could ever get rid of the fog. I may never get there, but I sure try hard!

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