Monday, March 8, 2010


Is pleased to invite you to their next discussion.

Our guest will be Councilmember Sally Bagshaw when wel meet for breakfast at 9:00 A.M. Saturday morning March 13th, at the Salmon Bay Cafe in Ballard, 5109 Shilshole Ave NW, in a semi industrial area. Click here for a map and directions. Please note: Use of this meeting place is contingent on each of us placing an order and leaving a generous tip for the competent and pleasant waitstaff. See you there.

We are pleased to have an opportunity to meet and talk with Sally Bagshaw in her first year on the City Council. Will she become our champion? We could ask.

The notion of livable neighborhood that we all cherish is sometimes a very abstract set of values. How can we communicate those values into decisions council members will need to make? We may need to become better and more persistent at explaining what those values are.

Some of those values might be open space, protecting our urban forest, protecting views of our beautiful mountains, privacy, even the very abstract concept that in these NW climes we need sunlight on our streets and in our neighborhoods. We would like to walk about and feel safe and have a place to park our cars when we use public transportation getting to work. Restricting density to urban villages is a thought. And maybe we can ask her to continue to listen to neighborhoods her entire term as she is doing now.

Sally is a mom as well as a being a very multidimensional woman. Do you suppose we could ask her what happens if you feed way too much candy to a little kid? Likely she knows instinctively when a child has had enough and reached their capacity. Let’s hope she can take that instinctive sense of reaching a reasonable capacity and apply it to City Council decisions on growth.

As citizens we are fortunate to have a Council Member who brings such a rich background and experience to the job. While she admits to not having extensive experience with Seattle’s neighborhoods she has already demonstrated an amazing willingness to visit neighborhoods and listen.

Sally was Chief of the Civil Division for KC prosecutor Norm Maleng, where she and other attorneys advised on legal issues for KC council, Metro, Harborview,and the Sheriff's office. She worked on creating a region-wide transportation system, she also worked on projects for the Port of Seattle, homeless issues, and environmental issues. She pursued a lifelong passion and learned to fly and works now as a volunteer for an organization called Angel Flight to get sick kids to medical facilities.

Sally's committees include:

Chair: Parks and Seattle Center - Parks, public grounds, recreation, community centers, the Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, and Seattle Center
Waterfront Planning

Member: Built Environment

Alternate: Housing, Human Services, Health, & Culture

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