Saturday, September 18, 2010

Federation meets Thursday, September 23, 7:00 p.m.

Regular Meeting
NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency), Pacific Marine Center on Lake Union
Thursday, September 23, 2010


Will Tree Protection and Increasing the City’s Tree Canopy
ever become a Reality?
According to a City Auditor report in May 2009, the City should do much more to save and increase its urban tree canopy.  Is it really possible to increase the City’s tree canopy to 30 percent by 2037?  In an effort to move forward, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is proposing to revise Seattle’s regulations governing trees on private property.  One key element is implementing a tree credit requirement in single-family zones, rather than retaining existing “exceptional tree” protections.  Learn about the proposal from Brennon Staley of DPD.  For more information go to or

Also on hand will be Steve Zemke, Chair of Save the Trees-Seattle.  A citywide coalition is drafting a Citizen's Alternative to DPD's proposal, which they see as deregulating tree protection in Seattle.  Save the Trees-Seattle's emphasis is to protect Seattle's urban forest  infrastructure from being destroyed, in part with incentives for protecting trees such as a rebate on utility bills, expanding Seattle's existing permit system beyond the current SDOT permits for trees in the parking strip, requiring posting of a notice before trees are cut , consolidation of urban forestry issues in one City Department, requiring licensing and training for arborists cutting trees in the city and requiring the City to follow the same rules as homeowners.

Time permitting, the September meeting will also include our monthly Round Robin of issues and projects in your neighborhood.  If you have informational materials you would like distributed at the meeting, please email electronic copies or links to Jeannie Hale at

7:00                 Call to Order and Introductions
1.     Treasurer’s report
2.     President’s report
7:15                 Proposed Tree Regulations—Brennon Staley and Steve Zemke
8:30                 Round Robin
1.     MOHAI’s move to South Lake Union
2.     Exempting the UW from the increase in the commercial parking tax   
3.     Multi-family zoning appeal—update
4.     City’s carbon neutral “planning process”
5.     Other—Please bring priorities from your community group
9:00                 Adjourn
NOAA is a federal facility on high security alert, so attendees must enter by the security gate and may need to present photo ID. If you haven't attended a recent Federation meeting, please send your name, contact information, and address to  to be added to the entry list. No e-mail? Call 206-365-1267. The building is ADA compliant, with ample parking in front.

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