Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get the latest budget news and some last licks at what is to be cut or kept, at the City Neighborhood Council's budget committee on Wednesday, Nov. 10, from 5-6 p.m. in room 370 of City Hall

Decisions on Seattle’s two-year budget (to be adopted by the City Council on Nov. 22) may be the most important for City government in a generation.  Be part of the process!  The City Neighborhood Council's Budget Committee invites you to its meeting this Wednesday, Nov. 10, 5-6 p.m. in City Hall room 370 (601 Fifth Avenue, third floor).  Hear the latest on discussions within the City Council, and between the Mayor and City Council, regarding where to make the needed severe budget cuts—made greater by voters’ recent repeal of the “snack tax.”  In our last three meetings, we had visits from City Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw, Richard Conlin, Jean Godden, and Nick Licata, so you never know who might drop in next!

Budget letters that the City Neighborhood Council sent July 2 and Oct. 29 are available at http://seattle.gov/neighborhoodcouncil.  City Council resolution 28115 that designates CNC and the district councils as official advisory bodies, states that "The responsibility of the City Neighborhood Council shall include review and recommendations regarding City budget issues, including the general fund, capital and block grant budgets, and the Neighborhood Matching Fund."  The resolution also states that "The City Council shall consider the recommendations of the City Neighborhood Council and the comments of neighborhood organizations and District Councils in its review and actions on the City budget." 

The CNC Budget Committee seeks to involve the district councils and other volunteers in these discussions, and also encourages the district councils and individuals to write their own budget letters and e-mails.  For background or to get involved, contact CNC Budget Committee chair Chris Leman, cleman@oo.net (206) 322-5463, and please send us your ideas.  Whether or not you can come to the CNC budget committee Nov.10, please let the City Councilmembers know your views by messages (their contacts are listed at http://seattle.gov/council/councilcontact.htm).  Brief public comment is also allowed at the morning opening of the City Council's all-day Budget Committee meetings.  To see the Mayor's budget proposals, go to http://seattle.gov, and for more information on the City Council process and meeting agendas:  www.seattle.gov/council/budget.

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