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Memorial for Ingraham Trees on Sunday, January 9, 2010

Memorial for Ingraham Trees on Sunday, January 9, 2010

We were rained out last time when we tried to schedule a memorial service for the trees to be cut down at Ingraham High School.  This time we have scheduled the gathering for the Broadview Public Library.  It will be held this Sunday (January 9, 2011) afternoon from 1 PM to 2:30 PM at the Broadview Public Library at 12755 Greenwood Ave N. The trees are still standing but the Seattle School District has said they are going to start construction on January 20, 2011 so their days are numbered.

So please come to pay homage to the 70 plus years of service these trees have given to the citizens of Seattle by reducing storm runoff, providing habitat for animals, insects and plants, providing shade, cleaning our air of pollutants and producing oxygen to breathe from carbon dioxide and providing green space for our daily lives.

Bring a poem or a song or a picture or speak your own words, or bring memories to share.  The gathering is informal.  Bring something to share to eat or drink.  The 29 trees to be removed from the NW Grove at Ingraham High School are a loss for the citizens of Seattle and future generations and Seattle School children.  We need to dedicate ourselves to ensuring that Seattle stops it's policy of indiscrimately cutting down trees and giving them no value compared to man made   structures of brick and wood and metal.  Douglas fir trees can last much longer than our man made buildings if we let let live - their life range is from 500 to 1000 years. The trees being cut down at Ingraham High School are 20 years older than the school itself. 

The Ingraham trees are some of the oldest in the city because only 50 acres of old growth trees remain in the city.  The rest have been cut down.  The Ingraham trees are the oldest of the remaining second and third growth trees in the city. So come and share with your neighbors and friends some time together celebrating the trees and what they have given us.

Steve Zemke

Chair - Save the Trees -Seattle

PS Contributions are still needed to help pay our remaining legal bills.  Checks can be made out to Save the Trees-Seattle and sent to

Save the Trees- Seattle
c/o Steve zemke
2131 N 132nd St
Seattle, WA 98133


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