Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good and not-quite-so-good news

First the not-quite-so-good:
Due to a confluence of unforeseen and unwelcome events the June 23, 2011 Federation meeting has been regretfully cancelled, the first such cancellation in memory, and perhaps in our almost 63 years of existence.

More not-quite-so-good:
NOAA Pacific Marine Headquarters, our meeting place for the past decade, has been closed, its functions and personnel relocated to Newport, Oregon. The building has been stripped of its contents, the doors locked, and the keys turned over to the leaseholder who owns the facility and the underlying property. We regretfully bid goodbye to by far the best and most comfortable meeting facility we ever had. The building was fully ADA compliant, with ample parking. 

Now the good:
Next month we plan to celebrate our 63rd Anniversary at our Annual Summer Party to be once again held at the home of President Jeannie Hale.
Stay tuned for details.

More good:
Dianne Snell, our super-efficient secretary, has arranged for our wonderful new meeting place, which takes us back to our roots when we were incorporated as Washington State Domestic Corporation No. 110226, the Jackson Street Community Council, on July 1st, 1948.
It could hardly be more central, it’s in the Central Area, and in fact it is the Central Area Senior Center, once a nursing home, now repurposed into a luxurious, modern, well equipped meeting facility in Leschi, just one block west of and one block south of Jackson, above Frink Park, perched atop Leschi Ridge, with a panoramic view of the traffic (beautiful from a distance) I-90 traffic flowing across Lake Washington below with Mount Rainier looming in the distance.
Like the NOAA Headquarters, it’s fully ADA compliant, and has ample parking on two adjacent lots.
It’s located at 500 30th Avenue South and is easy to drive to if one avoids I-5, easy to do, at least from the north end. 

Still more good:
Our new meeting place is not controlled by the Federal government, so is not subject to the requirements of the Homeland Security Act. There are no guards, nor an entry requirement that you show picture ID to anyone.

Come right in, sit right down, and let your good ideas flow!

Yearly dues for member groups are $50. SCCF welcomes new member groups, and encourages renewal by groups whose membership in SCCF may have lapsed. Individual donations are also welcome and tax deductible, and go very far, as SCCF is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization. Please mail your check to SCCF, 2370 Yale Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102-3310. For questions, contact treasurer Chris Leman, (206) 322-5463, cleman@oo.net.

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