Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How will “Regulatory Reform” of the Land Use Code now before the City Council affect your Neighborhood and your Rights?


Monthly Meeting –Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 7 p.m.
Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Avenue South  98144
[This beautiful facility with free parking and a grand view of Lake Washington is just three blocks east of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. and one block south of S. Jackson Street]


 How will “Regulatory Reform” of the Land Use Code now before the City Council affect your Neighborhood and your Rights?

featuring Mike Podowski, Department of Planning and Development 

 Hear the latest from City officials and neighborhood leaders about Land Use Code changes in Council Bill 117430, which a City Council committee votes on in May.  In the name of “regulatory reform,” the Mayor, Department of Planning and Development, and development community would sweep away long-cherished neighborhood protections and notice/appeal rights.  

 The key changes:  (1) reduce or eliminate parking requirements; (2) exempt much bigger buildings from SEPA notice and appeal; (3) allow commercial businesses in residential zones; (4) release many existing buildings from currently required street-level retail; (5) lengthen temporary use permits to 18 months (often used for parking lots and construction storage) from the current 6 and eliminate the citizen right to appeal them; and (6) expand accessory dwelling units.  

 How will these changes affect your neighborhood or neighborhood plan?  Why didn’t DPD engage the public before presenting these proposals to the City Council?  What can you do to influence the City Council response?  What position should SCCF take on the proposals?  Please come with your ideas and questions!  

 The April meeting also includes our monthly Round Robin to share with others the recent issues and projects in your neighborhood.  If you have informational materials you would like distributed at the meeting, please e-mail electronic copies or links to jeannieh@serv.net

            7:00     Administration
1.      Call to order and introductions
2.      Minutes /Treasurer’s Report / President’s Report

       7:10     Regulatory Reform:  Mike Podowski, DPD   
 7:40     Regulatory Reform:  Discussion   
 8:15     Round Robin of issues and projects in your neighborhood
 9:00     Adjourn

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