Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FFEBRUARY AGENDA: A Call for Neighborhoods to Unite


Regular Meeting
Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th
Avenue South 98144
February 25, 2014, 7:00 p.m.


A Call for
Neighborhoods to Unite

Representatives of an ad
hoc citywide group of community activists will be on hand to ask for advice and
support from the Federation and its member organizations for tough growth
controls and developer impact fees and to join at a large planned press event
the week prior to the Mayor's planned neighborhood summit.  The groups
involved already include "Livable Ballard" (recently formed coalition
fighting excessive development and displacement there), Seattle Displacement
Coalition, Reasonable Density Seattle (Capitol Hill Neighborhood activists),
Seattle Speaks Up (a newly formed Phinney Ridge effort), and community leaders
from Fremont, West Seattle and Southeast Seattle.  The goal is to create a
unified, simple position across neighborhoods we can all unify around, present
it at a press conference and then carry the message to the Mayor's April
neighborhood summit.  

John Fox (SDC), Carl Winter and/or Patrick Tomkins and/or Jaisri Lingappa
from Reasonable Density, and/or Toby Thaler will be on hand to present their
proposal.  There are brushfires all over the city.  Example after
example of neighborhoods fighting runaway development, upzones, gentrification,
small lot development, skinny houses, highrise development, loss of tree
canopy, lack of adequate services/infrastructure etc.   With district
elections coming up in 2015 and candidates already announcing for these seats,
it's hoped we can all come together around a common call to rein in growth.  
The February meeting will also include our monthly Round Robin
of issues in your neighborhood.  If you have informational materials you
would like distributed at the meeting, please email electronic copies or links
to Jeannie Hale at jeannieh@serv.net.

7:00                 Call to Order and Introductions
1.      Changes to the agenda
2.      President’s report
7:10                 A Call for Neighborhoods to Unite
8:30                 Round Robin
9:00                 Adjourn

The Seattle Community Council
Federation (
http://seattlefederation.blogspot.com/) is one of the nation’s oldest and most active coalitions
of community associations.  It was founded in 1946 to facilitate
resettlement of Seattle’s Japanese-American residents who had returned from
wartime internment to reclaim their homes and businesses; and to help Black
veterans coming back from the war.  Over the decades, SCCF has grown to
cover the entire City.  Its monthly meetings are open to the public, and
 suggestions for agenda items are
always welcome. Yearly dues for member groups are $50, and new groups are
always welcome.  Individual donations are also welcome, and go very far,
as SCCF is all volunteer.  Please mail your check to SCCF, 2370 Yale
Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102-3310.  For questions, contact treasurer
Chris Leman at 206-322-5463 or cleman@oo.net.

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